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I really enjoy ‘Day in the Life’ sessions. I find it interesting seeing the similarities and differences in parent struggles; the fun and games of getting dressed, of eating, playing and finally settling down with a story and bedtime cuddle. Day in the Life sessions are special as they allow me to capture those little moments that are otherwise missed or forgotten. Below are a few images from a Day in the Life Session I carried out in October last year.

The morning started with a quiet breastfeed and cup of tea.

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Once morning was well under way mum had her bath and as soon as the bathroom door opened, little one crawled as fast as she could towards her. The one handed, multi-tasking had began!

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Then commenced the battle of getting dressed. I am still baffled as to why children fight this process. It happens everyday, yet they still fight it and it goes on and on, for years! It’s amazing what parents deal with on a daily basis and the emotional strength that is needed just to get your children ready to leave the house. Only a parent knows what this is like. So for all those without children, please treat us kindly when you see us out in the street, especially if we look disgruntled, you have no idea how hard it was to get there.

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I don’t like to stereotype; however, there is something quite special about dads. I believe it is said that fathers often let their children take bigger risks than mums (although it is the other way round in our family) and I love the picture below where dad is pushing his son as high as he possibly can.

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Once you have children, meal times are never the same again. The days of relaxing, eating and chatting are a thing of the past and replaced with eating one handed while holding a baby or pleading with toddler to ‘just try’ something that is on their plate, unless of course if its ice cream, then there’s no problem.

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I think the picture below speaks for itself. What amazes me is that mum somehow managed to find the funny side and stay calm. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have. The anticipation of a dirty bottom landing anywhere in the house would have been too much. Maybe because I’m slightly scarred from when this did happen and poo was smeared all over the sofa. For me poo incidents always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time, usually while making dinner. Not that it is ever convenient to be elbow deep in s**t!

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More dinner time battles, followed by face cleaning battles and all with a smile and sense of humour.

Family Life Blog-8 Family Life Blog-9

I love this picture, I think because I know what’s going on and can relate to it. Having not eaten very much dinner, Little Man ‘steals’ a banana and has ‘won’ a dinnertime battle, with a cheeky, nervous giggle and parents communicating only with looks. I imagine the communication to go something like this “I’m not happy about this.” “Me neither.” “Shall we let him have that banana? He didn’t eat all his dinner.” “I don’t want him to be hungry and it is healthy.” “He can’t replace dinner with a yoghurt and banana every day (for the rest of his life).” Along with the feelings of defeat. At least this is the internal dialogue I have with myself. I have, however, just come to the decision that this is just a phase (like all the many others). Small children are ‘fussy eaters’, it won’t last forever and one day our child will enjoy a good healthy meal and may even eat a curry! At the end of the day, it will put food in his tummy and we might even get an extra half hour of sleep. Because refusing to give that after dinner banana isn’t going to make him decide that he’s going to eat his dinner. He’ll just decide to go to bed a little hungrier and wake a little earlier for his breakfast.

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Once bedtime arrives and the getting undressed and dressed battle comes to an end, harmony is restored and the little people become lovely, adorable little beings again.

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Great team work mum and dad!