I'm a mummy, which makes me a psychic, a nurse, a cook, a cleaner, a chauffeur, a social secretary, a personal shopper, a bank, a guide and a teacher. Before taking on this role I was a dog owner. In them days, I used to think having a dog was like having a child, ha ha ha!

I love animals. I care about the environment. I’m trying hard to reduce my plastic usage. I love home educating my son. In my dreams I’d live off grid, keep chickens and never wear a bra. This would be after I’ve travelled the world.

As for my photography, I have been a keen photographer since childhood; encouraged by my artist father who bought me my first SLR and inspired by my uncle who created a darkroom in his bedroom. I bought a digital SLR when my son was born and launched my photography business in 2015. I am very fortunate to be mentored by the world famous Kirsten Lewis since 2017.

Words that have been used to describe me as a person and photographer:

"Chilled, friendly, thoughtful and open to suggestions" "Approachable, thoughtful and environmental" "Creative, dynamic and vivacious" "Inclusive & diverse" "Decent, caring human being, one of the good people" "Makes the whole family feel at ease during shooting".